Sunday, August 21, 2011

second wood project

My second scroll project. I'm hooked, and have already begun on my third with three more waiting in the wings. The inagural session was six hours long, followed by a short break and last night I was out working till after midnight, covering myself in red cedar shavings. It's like getting lost in a really good book and not wanting to put it down. And then, like a little kid, I'm keen to show off each stage to my mentor, who is also my dad, and who lucky for me was still up working on a tapestry, when I needed advice on a repair.

I'm experimenting with various blades and am liking the circular blades for the smaller font, although the ones with teeth on just one side make for easier straight lines. The circular blade will definitely come in handy for free form drawing projects. I have one in mind. Though I do love working with great fonts, and the challenge of keeping the structure strong-- in the case of letters with loops.

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