Monday, August 27, 2007

The latest entrepreneurial endeavours

One of my favorite things to do to relax is to make these knitted toques. In the past 7 years I'm sure I've constructed over a thousand and it's interesting that they're all out there in the world somewhere, keeping little kids noggin's warm on the toboggan hill or playground.
One of the coolest moments I've experienced as an entreprenuer: I was having a coffee with Phil at eA in Langley and a little girl came in wearing a hat i'd made. It was VERY well worn and the dad said that she had barely taken it off for two years. It's exciting to create cozy wearables that become little kids favorite childhood items.
This past weekend, I participated in the Deep Cove Art Market. My friend Lindsay has just launched her own little company called 'SPILT MILK' and so it was cool to have a buddy take part in the exhibition.
Lindsay and her neighbour have come up with these great images of classic film stars simple line drawings, which are then silkscreened onto tiny tees and onesies.
Some of you might recognise one of the past season's models.
This little dress is my favourite item in Lindsay's line--a little sparrow.

It was a great turn out and we both left with some profits in our jeans.
For more information or to purchase something:
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